A Santa Ana Eviction Attorney on Evicting a Tenant Following Sale of Property

Santa Ana Eviction AttorneyA common question for many new property owners is how to evict a previous tenant. For example, you just bought a home and would like to live in it. However, the previous owner used the property as rental property and has a tenant living there with a valid lease. In this case, you will need the help of a Santa Ana eviction attorney to assert your rights so that you can move in.

Process of Eviction Following a Sale

Generally, a Santa Ana eviction lawyer can explain to you that a sale of property by itself normally does not trigger the eviction process. However, there are situations where the sale may give the new owner the right to evict the tenant:

  • Evict All Tenants. A new property owner can evict a tenant if the property owner is getting out of the rental business completely. A Santa Ana eviction attorney can tell you that there are strict rules and timelines that must be followed to use this eviction procedure. In addition, a landlord cannot continue to rent out certain units on the property, if he chooses to undergo this process.
  • Move-In. A new owner may be able to evict the tenants from one unit if the owner plans to move in himself. In addition, this eviction process may be used so that a family member of the landlord can move in. There are strict rules that must be followed for this eviction process and you will want to talk to a Santa Ana eviction lawyer.

These are just two examples where you may be able to evict a tenant following a sale. To learn about options for eviction in your specific case, talk to a Santa Ana eviction attorney.

Contact a Santa Ana Eviction Attorney

If you need assistance with evicting a tenant following the sale of a property, contact an experienced attorney at Schiff & Shelton by calling (949) 417-2211.

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