Commercial Evictions Assistance with an Orange County Eviction Attorney

Orange County eviction attorneyCalifornia has strict laws that protect individual tenants from landlords. However, these laws are relaxed for commercial tenants. An Orange County eviction attorney can explain to you that this is due to commercial tenants generally being more sophisticated and in a better position to protect themselves.

Rules for Evicting a Commercial Tenant

Evicting a commercial tenant is typically left to the terms of the lease. If you are considering evicting a commercial tenant, you may want an Orange County eviction attorney to review your lease and explain to you the circumstances of when you can evict. Some reasons commonly included in leases that allow a commercial landlord to evict include:

  • Unpaid rent
  • Unauthorized alterations or improvements
  • Excessive noise
  • Use of property for illegal purposes

Process to Evict

If there is a valid reason to evict a commercial tenant, you will still want to work with an Orange County eviction lawyer to assist you through the eviction process. While the rules to evict a tenant are relaxed in the commercial setting, the landlord still must comply with notice requirements and offer the tenant an opportunity to remedy the problem.

An Orange County Eviction attorney can also explain that landlords should not physically evict a tenant even if the tenant fails to remedy the situation. Instead, the landlord should go to court to obtain an order or judgment.

Contact an Orange County Eviction Attorney

If you need assistance evicting a commercial tenant, contact an Orange County eviction lawyer at Schiff & Shelton, Attorneys at Law by calling (949) 417-2211.

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