Defenses to Eviction

A landlord cannot evict a tenant for just any reason. In fact, there are several common defenses to an eviction. You will want to talk to an eviction attorney in Anaheim to learn if your eviction case may be improper.

Common Defenses

Eviction Attorney in Anaheim

Here is a look at five common defenses to an eviction that landlords should avoid. You should speak with eviction attorney in Anaheim if you have a question about any of the following:

  • Improper Notice. The landlord must first provide the proper notice and go through the judicial process before evicting a tenant. An eviction attorney in Anaheim can help make sure that you meet all the necessary steps.
  • Acceptance of Rent. An eviction attorney in Anaheim can explain that if the landlord accepts partial or full rent from the tenant, he may waive the right to evict the tenant in the current period.
  • Failing to Maintain Property. If the property is defective, the tenant may have a valid defense to eviction.
  • Retaliation. The landlord cannot evict a tenant if the tenant engages in certain protected activities. An eviction lawyer in Anaheim can explain how certain acts like filing a building code violation or complaining about living premises may be protected.
  • Inhabitable Property. If the property is unlivable, the tenant may have the right to order the landlord to fix the property and eviction may be deemed improper.

Contact an Eviction Attorney in Anaheim

If you have a question about an eviction, contact an eviction lawyer in Anaheim. Schedule a consultation with an attorney at Schiff & Shelton by calling (949) 417-2211.

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