Evictions for Lease Violations

O.C. Eviction LawyerThe most common reason that an O.C. eviction lawyer may help a landlord evict a tenant may be for lease violations. Depending upon how your lease is drafted, there may be several different reasons why you may seek to evict a tenant. If you are looking to begin the eviction process, you will want to talk to an O.C. eviction attorney. The eviction process can be tricky and you could set yourself up for legal liability if you fail to follow the proper procedures.

Common Lease Violations

A O.C. eviction lawyer can explain that there are any number of reasons why a landlord may seek to evict a tenant for a lease violation. Some of the more common lease violations include:

  • Having unauthorized roommates
  • Subletting a unit without prior approval
  • Modifying the premises or causing extensive damage
  • Performing illegal activities on the property like drug distribution or drug use
  • Failing to pay rent, probably the most common reason an O.C. eviction lawyer seeks an eviction
  • Causing excessive noise or creating nuisances

These are just some of the common reasons that a lease may be violated. If you have a specific question, you should contact an O.C. eviction lawyer.

Contact an O.C. Eviction Attorney

If you need assistance with an eviction or handling a lease violation, talk to an experienced O.C. eviction lawyer.  The attorneys at Schiff & Shelton are knowledgable attorneys in all areas of eviction and landlord tenant law and can help you evict a tenant the right way. Contact us at (949) 417-2211 to discuss your case.

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