How to Prepare for an Unlawful Detainer Trial

eviction lawyers in Orange CountyIf you want to evict a tenant, you will have to go through the unlawful detainer process. This is a legal action and you may want to work with eviction lawyers in Orange County to help you with your case.

Preparation is key to winning an unlawful detainer action. You should prepare for the case as you would for any lawsuit or legal action. And if you are not prepared for your case, you could be stuck with an uncooperative tenant and you may also be ordered to pay for things like repairs and damages to the tenant.

Gathering Evidence

Similar to a criminal trial, you will need to support your case for eviction with evidence. Here are some sources of evidence that you may need to help your claim:

  • Lease or Rental Agreement. This is perhaps the most important piece of evidence and specifies the basics of your landlord-tenant relationship.
  • Notice Served on Tenant. You can’t evict a tenant without following certain legal procedures like serving the tenant with a notice of the eviction. If you are unclear of the steps you need to take to evict a tenant, you should talk to an eviction lawyer in Orange County.
  • Photos. If you are suing for property damage or illegal activities on your property, you can support your claim with photographic evidence. Photos of unsafe and unhealthy conditions are also useful.
  • Witnesses. Sometimes a document will not do justice as to why a tenant needs to be evicted. In these cases, you may want to introduce witnesses who can support the eviction. A witness should have personal knowledge of the facts and should further your claim. You may need the assistance of an attorney to help identity key witnesses and even subpoena them to court.

Contact an Eviction Lawyer in Orange County

A lot of preparation is involved in an unlawful detainer action. If you need help evicting a tenant, you may want an experienced attorney on your side. Contact an Orange County eviction attorney at Schiff & Shelton Attorneys at Law: (949) 417-2211.

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