Removing an Evicted Tenant

You’ve won your eviction lawsuit. But you still may need the assistance of an Anaheim eviction lawyer to remove the tenant.

If the tenant refuses to move, you could face legal liability if you attempt to take matters into your own hands and physically remove the tenant yourself. Instead, you will want to work with an Anaheim eviction lawyer to remove a particularly stubborn tenant.

Steps to Remove a Tenant

Anaheim eviction lawyer

Some general steps to remove a tenant that your Anaheim eviction lawyer can explain to you include:

  • Giving Notice. Before you can even evict a tenant, you will need to file the proper notice to get the legal process started. Talk to an Anaheim eviction lawyer to learn these steps.
  • Receiving a Court Order. If you win your eviction case, the court will issue an order giving this effect.
  • Taking the Order to the Sheriff. Only the local sheriff has the authority to physically remove a tenant. So you or your Anaheim eviction attorney will need to pass along the eviction order to the sheriff.
  • Contacting an Attorney. In some situations, there may be unique problems associated with the eviction. For example, the tenant may have a lot of left over possessions that need to be removed. You should definitely work with an Anaheim eviction attorney in these situations.

Contact an Anaheim Eviction Lawyer

If you have any questions about evictions, contact an attorney at Schiff & Shelton by calling (949) 417-2211. The eviction process can be complicated and you may need assistance.

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