Resolving an Eviction through Mediation

Orange County eviction attorneyYou do not need an expensive and stressful courtroom battle to resolve every eviction dispute. Instead, with the help of an Orange County eviction attorney, you may be able to settle the dispute out of court through mediation.

Generally, mediation involves both the landlord and tenant meeting with a third-party mediator who will help the parties identify the critical issues and find a mutually agreeable solution. Unlike a court battle, there are no winners and losers in mediation. Instead, the solution should be agreeable to both sides.

Benefits of Mediation

Your Orange County eviction attorney will help you decide if mediation is right for you. Some good reasons to mediate your dispute include:

  • Save Money. Going to court is extremely expensive, even in relative straightforward eviction cases. Mediation is less formal and can be much cheaper.
  • Save Time. In mediation, you and the tenant can work on your own schedule. If you go to court, you will have to follow the schedule of the court which may drag out the dispute for many months.
  • Increased Satisfaction. There should be no winners or losers in mediation. Instead, both sides work towards reaching a favorable solution.
  • Low Risk. If you’re not happy with how mediation is going, you still have the option of going to court.

Agreements Reached on Mediation

Our Orange County eviction attorney knows that if mediation is successful, both sides will reach an agreement that is legally binding. Some common terms of an agreement reached in mediation can include:

  • The tenant may be allowed to continue living on the property, but he must agree to pay back rent and any costs incurred to the landlord as a result of late payments.
  • The tenant may be given a few extra days to move out on the condition that he does not trash the property.
  • If the tenant had withheld rent due to conditions on the property, he may agree to pay back rent so long as the landlord makes the necessary repairs.

Contact an Orange County Eviction Attorney

Mediation may be an attractive alternative to going to court. If you are considering evicting a tenant, you should contact an Orange County eviction attorney to see if mediation is right for you and to represent you at mediation. Contact the eviction attorneys at Schiff & Shelton at (949) 417-2211 if you have any questions.

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