Timing a Tenant Eviction

Landlords looking to evict a tenant must follow certain rules regarding the timing of the eviction. An Orange County eviction lawyer will tell you that failure to follow these requirements may result in the tenant remaining on your property or potentially bringing a lawsuit against you.

When You Can Evict a Tenant

Orange County Eviction Lawyer

An Orange County eviction attorney may generally seek to evict a tenant upon the end of the landlord-tenant relationship. However, depending upon how the relationship ends, an Orange County eviction lawyer can further explain that certain timing requirements need to be met before eviction may be initiated:

  • Lease Ends. You may be able to seek an eviction as soon as the lease ends. However, you should check with an Orange County eviction lawyer to make sure you are taking the proper steps.
  • Month to Month Lease. A tenant in a month to month lease usually must be given a notice to move out that may allow 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • Failure to Pay Rent. A tenant may be entitled to three days’ notice to pay rent or move out.
  • Violation of Lease. A tenant may have three days to fix the violation or move off the premises.

An Orange County eviction lawyer can explain that failure to follow these timing requirements for an eviction can result in severe penalties against you.

Contact an Orange County Eviction Attorney

It is vital if you plan evict a tenant that you follow proper procedures. If you need assistance with an eviction, contact an Orange County eviction lawyer at Schiff & Shelton by calling (949) 417-2211.

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