A California Landlord’s Recourse When a Tenant Destroys Property

Orange County Eviction Lawyer If a landlord suspects a tenant has seriously damaged the rental property, an Orange County eviction lawyer can explain the law and specific procedural steps that must be followed to properly evict.

Basic California Eviction Proceedings
California landlords are prohibited from engaging in what’s called a “self-help” eviction. That is, regardless of the suspected lease violation or if the rent is not paid, a landlord cannot forcibly remove a tenant or change the locks without going through the proper legal steps. As an Orange County eviction lawyer can explain, the tenant is first entitled to proper legal notice regarding the reason for the eviction.

Eviction Notice Requirements When There Is Serious Property Damage
If the tenant has seriously damaged the property and/or is continuing to destroy it, a landlord may be able to serve what’s called an “unconditional” notice to quit. In that case, the tenant is given a certain number of days to vacate before the landlord can take them to court for eviction. The landlord can also pursue money damages from the tenant for destruction of the landlord’s property, though these can be difficult to collect. An attorney can explain what the notice requires and how to file suit.

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