Fullerton Eviction Lawyers Discuss Procedures for Roommates Who Share a Lease

Fullerton eviction lawyersIf you are having difficulties with a roommate in property you rent together, Fullerton eviction lawyers can help. The first question is generally whether your roommate’s name appears on the lease or not.

Issues Involved With Evicting a Roommate Who Is On the Lease

If you wish to evict your roomate, Fullerton eviction attorneys will first need to ascertain if he or she is on the lease with you. If so, you’re actually considered co-tenants. This means that your landlord would need to be the one to start an eviction process against the roommate. If the landlord doesn’t wish to, this can leave you in a difficult situation since your roommate has an equal right to be there.

Fullerton Eviction Attorneys Discuss Basic Eviction Procedures
If your landlord is willing to start an eviction against your roommate, he’ll first have to give proper notice to that roommate. There must be a reason for the eviction such as nonpayment of rent, destruction of property or lease violation. Your Fullerton eviction lawyers can explain more. If the roommate doesn’t fix the violation or pay the rent, then your landlord can take them to court to evict them. Evictions must follow proper court procedures, and landlords are not permitted to perform self-help evictions.

If you need help handling an eviction, the experienced Fullerton eviction lawyers at Schiff & Shelton, Attorneys at Law can counsel you. Call (949) 417-2211 to set up an appointment.

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