How a California Landlord Can Respond In the Event a Tenant Has Too Many People Living in the Rental Property

Anaheim Eviction Attorney When a tenant is suspected of violating a lease agreement by allowing other people to stay at the property, an Anaheim eviction attorney can explain how the eviction process starts.

Understanding the Lease Agreement
The first step in avoiding potential landlord/tenant disputes is having a well-drafted lease agreement. Both parties should understand and agree to the terms, such as who is actually permitted to live in the rental unit. In the event the tenant permits others to live on the property that are not on the lease, the landlord will have a recourse to enforce the lease provisions.

An Anaheim Eviction Lawyer Explains the Eviction Process
If a tenant violates a term of the lease by allowing others to live on the premises, the landlord must send a written notice requesting the tenant remedy the violation. The notice must contain certain elements, so it’s important to have an attorney prepare and/or review it. If the tenant refuses to remove the other people after the time limit in the notice, the landlord’s next step is to file an eviction lawsuit, called an unlawful detainer action. The tenant can respond, but a hearing will be held in front of the judge. If the eviction is granted, the tenant will have a certain number of days to vacate.

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