Issues Involved in Evicting a Roommate Who Is Not on Your Lease

Fullerton eviction attorneyIf you’d like to end a tenancy with your roommate, a Fullerton eviction attorney will need to know whether he or she is on the lease with you.

A Fullerton Eviction Attorney Explains Why it Matters If Your Roommate Is on Your Lease
If your roommate is on the lease, then your landlord must actually evict him or her. If not, then your roommate is technically considered a subleasor and you are in the position of landlord. Practically speaking, this means you can start eviction proceedings on your own. A Fullerton eviction lawyer can help.

How a Fullerton Eviction Lawyer Begins the Eviction Proceedings
To properly evict your subleasing roommate, your Fullerton eviction attorney will first need to serve them with the proper notice. Evictions must be for a reason such as nonpayment of rent, destruction of property or a specific violation of the term of a lease, for example, unauthorized pets. You can also serve a notice that you’d like to terminate the lease at the end of the term. For a “curable” problem like nonpayment, your roommate has a chance to fix things by paying. If they refuse, you can take them to court to evict them after the notice expires. The same thing works for terminations. If your tenant refuses to move, you can sue.

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