The Eviction Process for California Landlords When a Tenant Has an Unauthorized Pet

Santa Ana Eviction Attorney Landlords and tenants have certain duties and responsibilities when it comes to potential lease violations and the eviction process. A Santa Ana eviction attorney can help you understand the law as it relates to pets on the premises.

Lease Terms Relating to Pets
Often, landlords prohibit pets as a term of a lease agreement. If a tenant keeps a pet in violation of the lease agreement, the landlord may have cause to begin an eviction proceeding. In both the drafting of a lease agreement and interpretation of an existing lease in the event of a problem, a Santa Ana eviction lawyer should be consulted.

Evictions in the Case of Unauthorized Pets
Like all evictions in California, the process begins when the landlord serves a required notice to the tenant. In the case of a lease violation, like for a prohibited pet, the tenant should receive a notice giving them a chance to fix the problem, i.e. get rid of the pet. If the tenant refuses to do so, the landlord may then sue them in court for eviction. The tenant is permitted to respond to this complaint, and ultimately, the judge will decide whether to grant the eviction. Speak with a lawyer to review your specific case.

To speak to an experienced Santa Ana eviction attorney, contact the offices of Schiff & Shelton, Attorneys at Law. We can review your case and help you decide on your next step. Call (949) 417-2211 to set up an appointment.

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