Understanding How to Collect a Money Judgment From a Tenant

Anaheim eviction lawyerCollecting money owed by a tenant for back due rent or other damages is a complicated process. An Anaheim eviction lawyer can explain certain procedural steps that must take place.

An Anaheim Eviction Lawyer Explains How to Obtain a Money Judgment
If you’ve sued your tenant for back due rent or other monies owed, you’ll generally need to make sure he or she is served personally with the paperwork. An Anaheim eviction lawyer can explain how. This can often pose problems as tenants who owe money sometimes refuse to leave a forwarding address.

What Happens After You Obtain a Money Judgment
Let an Anaheim eviction law firm discuss your collection options if you’ve successfully served the tenant and obtained a money judgement. You will generally have to wait a few weeks after the judgment is entered before you can begin collections to give the tenant a chance to appeal. Then, your Anaheim eviction lawyer can discuss the viability of wage or bank account garnishment, seizing personal property or other collections tools.

The more information you have about the tenant’s assets, bank accounts or place of employment, the more likely you’ll be able to find an asset to collect against. Keeping good records on your tenants is a good first step.

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