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Understanding Basic Tenant Rights in California

Tenants often have questions about their rights when it comes to the terms and conditions of their lease as well as what happens during an eviction. A Santa Ana eviction attorney can fully advise about the particulars of specific case, … Continue reading

Things to Know About California Eviction Law

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, it’s important to understand California’s eviction laws. When a landlord wishes to evict a tenant, he must begin an unlawful detainer action. An Orange County eviction attorney can advise on how to proceed. Eviction … Continue reading

Evicting a Tenant Following a Sale of Property With an Anaheim Eviction Attorney

Many landlords wrongly assume that just because they bought or sold a property, they can start over and evict all existing tenants. Generally, selling or buying a property does not provide independent basis for an eviction. Instead, an Anaheim eviction … Continue reading

Evicting a Tenant Without a Specific Reason: Ask an Orange County Eviction Lawyer

You do not always need to have a specific reason to evict a tenant. Instead, an Orange County eviction lawyer can explain to you that if you follow the proper notice requirements, it may be within your right to evict … Continue reading

The California Eviction Process for Past Due Rent as Explained by an Orange County Eviction Attorney

Under California law, a landlord must follow fairly rigid procedural steps to evict a tenant, even for unpaid rent. An experienced Orange County eviction attorney can explain the process. The Notice Requirement If a tenant has failed to pay rent … Continue reading

The Eviction Process for California Landlords When a Tenant Has an Unauthorized Pet

Landlords and tenants have certain duties and responsibilities when it comes to potential lease violations and the eviction process. A Santa Ana eviction attorney can help you understand the law as it relates to pets on the premises. Lease Terms … Continue reading

How a California Landlord Can Respond In the Event a Tenant Has Too Many People Living in the Rental Property

When a tenant is suspected of violating a lease agreement by allowing other people to stay at the property, an Anaheim eviction attorney can explain how the eviction process starts. Understanding the Lease Agreement The first step in avoiding potential … Continue reading

A California Landlord’s Recourse When a Tenant Destroys Property

If a landlord suspects a tenant has seriously damaged the rental property, an Orange County eviction lawyer can explain the law and specific procedural steps that must be followed to properly evict. Basic California Eviction Proceedings California landlords are prohibited … Continue reading

Fullerton Eviction Lawyers Discuss Procedures for Roommates Who Share a Lease

If you are having difficulties with a roommate in property you rent together, Fullerton eviction lawyers can help. The first question is generally whether your roommate’s name appears on the lease or not. Issues Involved With Evicting a Roommate Who … Continue reading

Understanding How to Collect a Money Judgment From a Tenant

Collecting money owed by a tenant for back due rent or other damages is a complicated process. An Anaheim eviction lawyer can explain certain procedural steps that must take place. An Anaheim Eviction Lawyer Explains How to Obtain a Money … Continue reading