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Landlord Defense

Being a landlord in California can be challenging. Many state statutes are designed to protect tenants, often at the expense of landlord rights. Our Santa Ana eviction law firm, however, has a deep understanding of the unique needs of landlords … Continue reading

Habitability Concerns and Eviction

Habitability refers to a real property’s fitness for human occupancy. California law holds landlords responsible for making sure that a rented property is maintained to a certain standard. If the landlord fails to do so, he faces fines and may … Continue reading

Recovery Property Unlawfully Held By Another

  If you feel another has possession of your property and you’d like to get it back, don’t take the law into your own hands. Contact an Orange County eviction attorney about your best legal options. Pre-Judgment Possession There are a variety … Continue reading

Handling Tenant Conflicts

As a landlord, from time to time it’s common to have issues with tenants. Noise complaints, non-payment of rent and other suspected lease violations can happen. When they do, discuss your case with an experienced Anaheim eviction lawyer. Lease Violations … Continue reading

Evicting a Tenant for Being a Nuisance | Contact a Santa Ana Eviction Attorney

There are certain situations in California where you may be able to evict a tenant by only giving three-days notice. One of these situations may be if the tenant creates a nuisance or interferes with the rights or enjoyment of … Continue reading

Tenant Evictions for Unlawful Conduct on Premises

Landlords may rely upon a tenant’s unlawful conduct on the premises to evict them. In fact, if the tenant engages in illegal conduct, an Orange County eviction attorney can assist the landlord in an expedited eviction procedure to get the … Continue reading

Issues Involved in Evicting a Roommate Who Is Not on Your Lease

If you’d like to end a tenancy with your roommate, a Fullerton eviction attorney will need to know whether he or she is on the lease with you. A Fullerton Eviction Attorney Explains Why it Matters If Your Roommate Is … Continue reading

Understanding When a Tenant Can Be Given a 3-Day Notice to Quit

California does not allow a landlord to do what’s called a “self-help” eviction. Even if a tenant has failed to pay rent, a Anaheim eviction attorney can explain how to lawfully begin an eviction against a tenant. An Anaheim Eviction … Continue reading

Evictions for Lease Violations

The most common reason that an O.C. eviction lawyer may help a landlord evict a tenant may be for lease violations. Depending upon how your lease is drafted, there may be several different reasons why you may seek to evict … Continue reading

When Can I Evict a Tenant?

If you have a tenant that refuses to pay rent or otherwise fails to meet the terms of your lease, you should speak with an Orange County eviction attorney. Generally, a landlord can only evict a tenant in two broad … Continue reading